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I have come up with a new way for me to run an on-line game and this is the Alpha run. This game will be combining QuickTime VR, 3d virtual maps and Computer Generated Animation with elements of traditional Play-by-email role playing games.


Welcome, guinea pigs... I mean players.


Before you can play you will need a few things. These will be explained in detail as we go along:

  • A 3d object viewer.
    I recommend using
    GLC Player as that is what I will be testing all the 3d virtual maps before making them available to the players. There are a number of tutorials for beginners on their web site. I will be making a simple one as well, but not right away.
  • A QuickTime VR player. There any number these available. Chances are you already have one. You’ll find out soon enough.
  • An image editor. Again, there are any number of free image editors available and chances are you already have one.
  • A microphone. Unless your character is utterly mute, you’ll need to record anything he or she says.
  • A little time each day. Not much. Enough to do one or two rounds. We may do more on preset days. Oh, and one round is 3 seconds, more or less.

3d Virtual Maps

I will be making 3d maps of the primary locations. This map will include any important NPCs, locations, etc but will be lacking many minor details. For instance, the Stuffer Shack set has empty shelves but in Game, they are fully stocked. When there is a significant change to a scene, you will receive a new 3d map. You will use these maps to show where you are moving. They each have a grid with one square equaling one meter so you’ll know exactly where to move. Then each round you will send me a new screen shot with your location.


QuickTime VR

Each round the players will get a QuickTIme VR from their point of view. I will be taking into account cyber modifications, etc, when making these. For instance, if you have Image magnifications, your VR will allow you to zoom in and out equal to your magnification. I will also be putting the results of perception tests in there as well as hidden things that the player may or may not find. Basically, if there is something to be found in a VR, I will make it a “hotspot” so when you mouse over it, you will get information. The size of this hotspot will be based on the player’s perception skill. The higher the skill, the larger the hotspot the better chance of finding it. The VR will also take other things into account. If your character is wounded, or drunk or something, your VR will be slightly blurry and so forth.


Computer Generated Animation

Along with “cut scenes” I will be making animations of your characters based on what they do and the results of the dice roll. You will get a new animation each round. That is how you will see the results of your actions. Most animations will be hosted on YouTube, therefore more or less safe for work but if there is something such as nudity, or excessive violence, I will be give you a link to download it.

You will also be recording every word your character says and I will be lip syncing  that audio to the animation. If you are have a conversation with an NPC, I will record their side of the conversation. I do have voice changing software. Not very good though so I’m looking for better.


I think the best way is just to jump right in so click here to begin.