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If you haven’t already downloaded the 3d object viewer, here is the link. Click here if you’d like to download the QuickStart rules for Shadowrun 4.0.

You will need to download the set from here. Unzip the files to the folder of your choosing and open “StufferShack_3dmap.obj” in GLC Player. Do not move or delete any of the files from this folder. The 3d model needs all of them to be complete.
Note: For some reason a few of the signs appear blank. Not sure why this happens. It shouldn’t be a problem but if you need clarification on anything let me know.

Normally, you’ll also be making a character, but for this one I will be using the characters provided in the QuickStart guide. These are the Bounty Hunter, Hacker and Combat Mage. If you haven’t picked your character yet, do so now. I will be editing this list when a character is taken so you’ll know what is still available.

Round Zero:

Watch the opening movies:



And here is the VR. Normally, each player will get a personalized on emailed to them. Since this is also serving as a demonstration, I’ve only made one. There is one “hotspot” that should be pretty easy to find. Again, this will normally be custom sized based on your perception skill. This one is also zoom enabled. Normally you won’t be able to zoom unless you have cyber eyes with image magnification or unless you are using something like a scope, but for that you will need to specify in advance that you are using it (cyber eyes are automatic). You can zoom in and out with the middle mouse button. It’s a little awkward. Looking for better options. When I find a good one, I will purchase it so there won’t be those pesky water marks.













Now that you have all that, please take a little time to plan your first move. Simply take a screen shot of the 3d map and open it up in an image editor and put an X where you’d like to go. The screen shot can be from any angle, just as long as it is clear where you are going. If you want to take an indirect path, mark the path you wish to take. If you’d like to do anything other than move from point A to point B tell me what it is. A few things you could do would be to take a close look at one of the NPCs. Ask for more detail on the hotspot (if you find one).But the possibilities are endless!

Remember, each square is one meter so you know how far you can move in one round. My email address is listed above. Once all players have made a move, I will send you an updated VR of what you can see. I will be sending to the same email address you sent your move to me from.


Round 1


After watching the video, I will need a damage resistance test (body+armor) and and initiative roll (reaction + intuition). Use this dice roller and be sure to include my email address: drewgamemaster@gmail.com. Simply put in the number of dice you have for the test (if you have a body of 3 and armor of 4, enter 7 after the word “roll”) and make sure it is set to “D6” and “sum them all up”. You only need one roll. In the subject line, tell me what roll it is for. Then repeat for the initiative test. I hope it’s pretty obvious, but if you have any trouble, let me know.

I will also need to know what you wish to do this round. If you have more than one initiative pass, tell me all actions you wish to do.

Round 2